Ana Marie



     My name is Ana Marie Ramos, (formerly known as Ana Marie Rosario). I was born in NYC, Manhattan on August 31st, 1968.  I went to school both in the Dominican Republic, and also in New York City.  

     On July 2nd, 1992.  At age 24, I was near death, swollen beyond recognition, and my hematocrit was only at 8, due to hemorrhaging.  Next to my bed, on a night table, I was turning the knob on the radio, looking for a Spanish news station called radio WADO, only to find another radio station next to it, playing beautiful, soothing melodies of praise and worship songs, that gave me hope and peace as they praised Jesus. 

      Initially, I had refused to call an ambulance to go the hospital, since I was told 2 years before that the diagnosis of a kidney biopsy, was a severe kidney infection caused by strep throat, which produced kidney failure called Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis, and that I would eventually be on dialysis.  After my grandmother and mother pleaded with me, I agreed for my mother to call the ambulance to go to the hospital.  Paramedics were called, and they had to rush me to the hospital, with oxygen.  They carried me upside down, due to the lack of blood flowing to my head.  Doctors said that night, if I would have fallen asleep, I would slip into a coma, if they didn’t bring me in, and then later die. 

       I was literally hearing the sound of my nearly empty heart beating in my ears.  I was immediately given 5 pints of blood transfusions, and sent to surgery, for preparation and initiation of Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis; then four years later, on Hemodialysis. 

     By the love and grace of Jesus Christ, I was able to recuperate, even though I had to be on a dialysis machine.  In 1996, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, remembering those beautiful melodies I had heard on that day in July.  The same Jesus Christ, whom they praised and worshiped.  By that same grace, I would sing in churches, bringing the same hope and love to others. 

     In 2005, The Lord granted me to finish and release my first semi-bilingual CD, entitled:  “Fue Por Amor” (“Because Of Love”).  He has also since then granted me to sing on televisions programs, small concerts, weddings, birthdays, hospitals, more churches (nationally and internationally), in the streets, at schools, for patients   at Christmas parties for fellow patients, at the dialysis center. 

     This CD is also being sold in bookstores, and CD Baby, and it is now being distributed for digital sales on Apple I-Tunes, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music and most digital music entities. And the same Christian radio station, Radio Vision Cristiana Intl. that played beautiful praise & worship melodies, which brought hope and peace to me while I lay dying on my bed, is now playing the music from this CD, internationally, hitting #3 on the charts.  Glory to God!   

     Furthermore, I want to add that, The Lord allowed me to go back to college after 26 year, and get my degree in Psychology /Liberal Arts, and French;   and then get my certificate in Christian Counseling.  I am still on dialysis for 29 years, waiting for my creative miracle to manifest, in order to bring that hope, healing, and peace to others. 

     I thank Jesus Christ for this second chance. 


Dear brothers, sisters and friends. Your donation and or purchase, will help me record more music, to continue to spread the gospel, to show the immense love of God for us, and to bring peace.  If you wish to donate, please go to the "donations" page in the menu for instructions.

I thank you in advance for your donation and generosity, and that it will be multiplied, in Jesus Christ’s name.